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Greetings to my Readers

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Greetings of the season to my readers! I hope the short stories and poems on my blog are loved by you. These are just a few of my unpublished works, posted so as to give my readers an example of my literary art and style. Many would never do this, for fear of their readers disliking the example and thus end up showing no interest in their subsequent works. I disagree. An example of your work promotes you better than a big literary name that often proves disappointing to those who read your work. But I dislike what is done by some Indie ( i.e self published ) authors who write whole novels and then give away the ebooks for free; ( though I wouldn’t mind downloading them, he he he ). A few short stories and poems are, in my opinion, excusable.  Lets allow the literary profession to retain its dignity.
I’ll conclude with one of my sayings: ‘ The sea is nothing but so many drops of dew…’


Author: yahaya madu

Life is a Bed of Roses, Thorny but Beautiful. Novelist, short story writer and poet.

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