Yahaya Madu

Chronicler of the art of life.


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The breeze is music upon soft piano keys That utter notes that whisper into the earth And soothes the stillness of the lake Into butterfly kissing ripples Mesmerizing the perfume of flower blossoms. The thunder utters terrible things But is soothed into silence By the stillness of the waters, The hurricane and the calm breeze Are One. The music of the heavens In streaks of lightning And gathering winds whispering In the war drums of the storm Foretells the calm of the music Of the rain in dripping dew Upon the greenery of a pond, quiet. Dreaming of the orchestra of the sea The Navy sailor is transfixed upon the earth By the cool fires of blooming gardens And in dew drenched leaves, the melodies of brightly coloured birds. Ah, this is paradise For the lions no longer exist And the slender antelope listens To the music of the wind In the grass laden by dew And the green serpent is waiting for the hen, guarding her eggs in peace. The naval sailor is dreaming Yet is awakened by the rain In the melody of ice and of thunder.


Author: yahaya madu

Life is a Bed of Roses, Thorny but Beautiful. Novelist, short story writer and poet.

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